So You Want to Meet Us

As our YouTube channel grows, we’ve found we can be overwhelmed at times by folks who want to meet us. We do enjoy meeting our fans but at the same time, we need to establish limits to make sure we have plenty of time for ourselves as well. After all, we’re not just making YouTube videos, we’re trying to live our dreams.

Additionally, in an effort to meet as many of you as possible while also managing our limited time, we will be scheduling meet ups, as warranted, at places we expect to see a lot of fans, like Quartzsite, tourist attractions, RV shows, rallies, etc. These will be announced ahead of time.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for those fans that see us out and about, are camped nearby or want to come to meet us:

  • If you see us out and about, please don’t approach us if we’re actively filming. Once we’re finished, feel free to approach us.
  • If you’re camped at the same park, we’ll have some kind of sign letting you know if/when we’re receptive to folks dropping by. If we’re not available, check back later or contact us on social media. And as always, if the shades are down, please respect our privacy.
  • If we’re nearby and you’re interested in coming to meet us, contacting us on social media first will help ensure we’re home and available. We wouldn’t want you making a trip for nothing.
  • If you happen to find us when we’re out boondocking, contacting us before dropping by is always appreciated. We’re probably trying to “get away from it all” and you can assume we’re not available unless we’ve communicated otherwise. Remember, Dan isn’t always wearing pants…
  • Serendipitous meet ups are always welcome. If you see us wandering about, please introduce yourself and chat for a few minutes.
  • If we aren’t available, indicate that we’re busy or don’t spend much time with you, remember that we’re probably in the middle of something or have other obligations. Hopefully, in the future we can spend more time together.
  • Lastly, while we appreciate offers to come visit you or to buy us meals or drinks, we generally won’t accept those offers. Not only does Jen have dietary issues, but traveling to meet folks can be a real burden on our limited time.

Thank you for your understanding. Hopefully these tips will help you know when is the best time to meet us and help us maintain a healthy balance between our public and private lives.