LI-BIM 225 Wiring Diagram

Below is the wiring diagram Dan developed to install the Precision Circuits LI-BIM 225 battery isolation manager into our 2018 Newmar Bay Star to accomodate our new Battle Born batteries. This battery isolation manager is specific to LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion) batteries and replaces the BIRD isolation manager. It is recommended by Battle Born batteries. This diagram should, and I we stress SHOULD, work on 2006 and up Newmar Bay Stars and Canyon Stars. It may also provide a starting point for Newmar diesel motorhomes, other manufactures motorhomes and even other types of RV’s in some cases. This diagram is provided for informational purposes only and if you elect to use this when installing your own LI-BIM 225, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

For more information visit Battle Born Batteries or call them at 855-292-2831.