Support Us!

We’re not big on marketing our fans or asking for handouts.  We don’t need the money and don’t look at our YouTube channel as a business or a job.  We do it for fun!  But we know some of you want to help us out and thank us for producing our YouTube content.  There are a few ways you can do that.  First, you can join the team by becoming a patron over at  For as little as a dollar a month, you can help us offset the cost of running our YouTube channel, such as replacing camera gear as it ages or going on bigger and better adventures.  If you’re interested visit Dan & Jen’s Patreon.

If that’s not your style, there are other ways to show us some love.  You can use us as a reference when signing up for either Thousand Trails, Campground Membership Outlet or Harvest Hosts.  You get a membership in a great program that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in camping fees and we get a little consideration from either Thousand Trails, Campground Membership Outlet or Harvest Hosts for referring a new member.  Just follow the instructions below:

For Thousand Trails, give the sales representative this number: 298882420.  If you purchase a camping pass, we get $25.  If you purchase an upgraded membership, we get and additional $75. Visit Thousand Trails for more info.

For Campground Membership Outlet, just give them our name (Dan and Jen McMartin). They’ll send us a small finders fee. Visit Campground Membership Outlet for more info on purchasing a used Thousand Trails membership. (Note: We were unaware of this referral program but some of you mentioned our names when you bought a membership. Campground Membership Outlet tracked us down to make sure we received our small fee. That’s integrity, folks!!!)

For Harvest Hosts, use this link when you sign up.  You get a 15% discount and we get $15:

Note: We’re not being paid to recommend Thousand Trails, Campground Membership Outlet or Harvest Hosts, other than the referral rewards. We just love the benefits they offer.