About Dan & Jen

Hi, we’re Dan and Jen.  We’ve been married since 1994 and we’ve got two great sons.  Dan used to work…and we use that term loosely…for the Nevada Dept. of Transportation.  Jen used to run the certification program for waste water treatment plant operators in Nevada.  But we chucked all that, sold our house and eventually bought a motorhome to live in full time.IMG_4957We’ve been on the road since December 2017 and we absolutely love it.  We don’t miss our big house, the mortgage payment or all our stuff.  But we do like the freedom to go where we want and do what we want.  We miss our boys sometimes but that’s the price of this lifestyle and they’d kill us if we stuck around just for them.

So we’re traveling around the good ol’ U.S. of A., checking off bucket list items, making new friends and sharing it all our YouTube channel.  We’ve also share our story on Instagram (@danjennevada and @flyfishnevada) and Facebook.  Thanks for stopping by.